We are already holding another site ywc.trade. But unfortunately for our foreign users only in French.

As we want to offer an equivalent to our English Speaking Internet Users, we develop this site exactly the same one, only in English.

What’s our goals ?

Our main goal consists in trading second hand computer & electronic products, repairing, and reselling them with a real warranty.

Products are changing to often and too fast, so what when you broke something you can’t have a real repair because the product is lacking.

We know all customers aren’t computer professional ones, and our goal is also to help you repairing your own devices.

Who we are ?

YWC.TRADE is a French Loire-Valley based company (F-37130 LANGEAIS), established in 2019.

The company’s coming from a long time reflexion based on refurbished electronic and computer parts.

Too many items are thrown away even if still in working conditions. We’re mainly working with  pro sellers.

Our goal is changing the meanings and the way second hand is considered.

Not all the products should be sold as second hand ones, which is the reason why we’re also selling brand new ones, but at discounted prices.

We’re directly working with some manufacturers.

What we think

Any product including second hand ones must have a warranty period It’s the reason why we have set a Trade Warranty.

We don’t speak about a 15 days warranty, but a real one such as 1 year.

Any of our product comes with a 1 year warranty as a minimum, some with 2, up to 5.

Concerning the return to base, the French law is considering that 14 days is enough.

But we don’t, and we set it to 30 days for any country and any reason.

You’ve changed your mind ? Its okay for us.

We’ll prefer establishing long time relationship with our customers, and being a reliable company than selling one shot.

Concerning Freight & shipment, we’re considering that French prices are over expensive, and we’ve decided to split the difference.

For a 1 kg product weight you’re paying for 0.5 kg.

As a small company we aren’t able to propose free shipping. Because it ‘ll mean increasing our sell prices including the shipment.

We aren’t Amazon, and don’t think we want to be such a company. We’ll prefer to be much more closer to our customers.

Payment gateway

We’re only offering SEPA transfert and Paypal. Mostly our customers are using PayPal.

Chat service

If you have any question, request, special need, evolution request, or just want to say hi,  feel free to use our chat service, we’ll answer ASAP.

Give us your feedback

You think we can do more and better ?

Or you need something special, fill our contact form.

The team will take your request into consideration and will give you an answer.